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Code of conduct

All players, officials and parents must adhere to the Netball NSW Codes of behaviour policies. 



To find all the NNSW policies including code of conduct and member protection click here

Finals Bylaws

Rules surrounding finals


SHNA consitution

Injury Policy

Policy covers injuries sustained during games

NNSW Member Protection Policy

NNSW member protection policy

Competition bylaws

Rules and regulations

Social Media Policy

Policy covering use of social media

Representative Bylaws

Policy covering representative teams

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Rules surrounding drugs and alcohol

Policies and bylaws

Our philosophy

Guide to winter divisions

Below is a general guide to ages and divisions but as with all guides there will be exceptions.

Netta - kindergarten - year 2 (those players who are new to netball and learning rules and skills)

Junior 3 - Year 2 -4 (Year 3 and 4 players in this division would be relatively new to netball)

Junior 2 - Years 3 - 4 (usually these players have had a year in junior netball or are older/taller but new to the sport)

Junior 1 - Years 4 - 6 (usually players are in years 5 and 6, only competent year 4 players would be in Div 1)

Intermediate  - Years 5 - 8 (Competent year 5 players may be placed here but intermediates is usually for good Year 6 players and years 7 and 8)

Cadets  - Years 7 - 9 (Cadets is usually high school students and rep players)

Opens - Aged 15+  (Opens is appropriate for higher level players over the age of 15 and usually playing or have played representative netball)

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